3M Respirator 9004IN Mask 

Brand Name: 3M

Colour: white

Ean: 8901361402859

Item Weight: 80.0 grams

Manufacturer Series Number: 3M_9004_Pk10

Material: Non woven fabric

Model Number: 3M 9004IN

Number of Items: 10

Part Number: 3M 9004IN

Pattern: Respirator

Size: Pack of 10


3M Respirator 9004IN Mask

The 3M Respirator 9004IN Mask is a dust” mask”. Made up of three layers of filters. Product Description of 3M Safety. 

3M Respirator 9004IN Mask

It has the potential of this respirator mask to filter above 90% of 0.3-micron particulate dust.

(Scientific research has proved that for all dust particles sizes, 0.3-micron dust are the foremost difficult to filter effectively).It is a bestselling Safety mask in the 3m Safety products line.

The 3M 9004 mask features a cup-shaped design and comes with an aluminum nose clip.

  A neoprene elastic band for comfortable fitting on every face.

3m 9004 isn’t an N95 mask and isn’t a breathing mask utilized in acid and alkaline/gas particles. 

Features of 3M 9004IN Mask:

Filtering efficiency ranging 80% when tested against 0.3-micron sodium chloride particle  Can be folded when not in use & slipped easily into the pocket. 

AS/NZ Approval or P1 Class of Filtering Efficiency, CLI tested

Use of 3M 9004IN Mask:

Mechanically generated dust and mists from processing materials in coal or iron ore and silica, cotton, flour, wood dust, masonry dust, metal particles, and other substances are in concentrations up to 10 times. because of the occupational exposure limit  

Do Not use for: paint spraying or sandblasting, gases, vapors, oil mists and in areas where lack of oxygen.   

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