Casodex 50mg 

  • Brand: Astra Zeneca
  • Dose: 50mg
  • Composition: Casodex
  • Pack: Pack of 30 Tablets
  • Form: Tablets

Casodex 50mg

What Casodex Is Used For: 

Casodex 50mg treatment for men with cutting edge prostate malignancy at stage D2 when there a proof of metastases (disease spread) to different zones of the body.  Note: If a medication has been affirmed in one use, doctors may choose to utilize this equivalent medication for different issues for the off chance that they trust it might be useful. 

How Casodex Is Given: 

Casodex 50mg  is a pill, taken by mouth. It is taken once every day and is generally begun simultaneously LHRH treatment is begun.  It ought to be required some investment every day, with or without food.  You should discharge your bladder (pee) before taking the prescription.  Now and again (for example spinal line metastasis), Casodex will be begun around 5-7 days before you get the LHRH agonist. This is done to hinder the “flare” or flood of testosterone that happens after the LHRH agonist is given.  The measure of Casodex you get relies upon numerous components. Your primary care physician will decide your portion and timetable. 

Casodex Side Effects: 

Significant things to recall about Casodex results:  The vast majority don’t encounter the entirety of the Casodex results recorded.  Casodex results are frequently unsurprising regarding their beginning and term.  Casodex results are quite often reversible and will disappear after treatment is finished.  There are numerous alternatives to help limit or forestall Casodex results.  There is no connection between the presence or seriousness of Casodex results and the viability of Casodex.  The accompanying Casodex results are normal (happening in more prominent than 30%) for patients taking Casodex (with LHRH agonist):  Hot blazes  Growing of the bosoms (gynecomastia)  Bosom torment  Loss of charisma (enthusiasm for sex)  Ineptitude (failure to acquire or continue an erection)  These are more uncommon (happening in 10-29%) Casodex results for patients taking Casodex (with LHRH agonist):  Clogging  Loose bowels  Sickness  Increments in blood tests estimating liver capacity. These getting back to typical once treatment is ceased. (see liver issues)  Ripeness, which means your capacity to father a kid, perhaps influenced by Casodex. If it’s not too much trouble examine this issue with your medical care proficient. 

Casodex Precautions: 

Prior to beginning Casodex treatment, ensure you educate your PCP concerning some other drugs you are taking (counting solution, over-the-counter, nutrients, homegrown cures, and so on)  Diabetic patients ought to painstakingly screen their serum glucose.  Try not to end Casodex without first conversing with your guardian.  Enemies of androgens are typically given to men. Notwithstanding, if Casodex is given to a lady, imagining a youngster (getting pregnant) ought to be evaded.  Enemies of androgens are typically given to men. Be that as it may, if Casodex is given to a lady, she ought not to breastfeed.  Enemies of androgens are typically given to men. Casodex ought not to be given to ladies who are pregnant or mean to get pregnant. Pregnancy classification X (Casodex may make fetal mischief when given a pregnant lady. Casodex must not be given to a pregnant lady or a lady who expects to get pregnant. In the event that a lady becomes pregnant while taking Casodex, the prescription must be halted promptly and the lady gave suitable advising). 

Casodex Self-Care Tips: 

Try not to quit taking Casodex except if your medical care supplier advises you to. Take the drug precisely as coordinated.  Take simultaneously every day.  Drink at any rate a few quarts of liquid at regular intervals, except if you are told something else.  On the off chance that you are encountering hot glimmers, wearing light apparel, remaining in a cool climate, and getting into cool materials your head may diminish side effects. Counsel your medical services supplier if these intensify, or become heinous.  All drinking mixed refreshments ought kept for the base or evaded totally. You ought to talk about this with your PCP.  Get a lot of rest.  Keep up great sustenance.  On the off chance that you experience manifestations or results, make certain to examine them with your medical care group. They can recommend meds as well offer different recommendations that powerful in overseeing such issues.