Digital Thermometer With Probe

  • Brand: Ranbaxy, Cipla, Perfect Pharma
  • Target gender: Unisex
  • Batteries required:  yes
  • Item Weight: 59 g
  • Battery life: 200 Hours

    Digital Thermometer With Probe

Digital Thermometer

Thermometer With Probe is a battery-operated thermometer with an easy to read connected measurement sensor and LCD display. This produces great accurate temperature readings. It is made of durable plastic material and is suitable for all types of refrigerant type devices such as the refrigerant cabinet, display cabinet and so on. The size of the digital thermometer makes it ideal for any situation where you need an accurate reading and an easy-to-read screen displays the temperature of the environment in Celsius.

Featured Options

Display options include:

Fahrenheit display, display range, and scale division
Celsius or Centigrade display, display range, and scale division
Displays both Fahrenheit and Celsius
Max or min readings

Product Description

Digital thermometer for oral and underarm temperature measurement.

For oral and underarm temperature measurement
The 3-digit, + degree callus (degree Fahrenheit) display in 0.1-degree increments, when the measurement is complete.
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 0.1 ° Celucus (32.0 to 42.0 ° Celucus); ± 0.2 ° F (89.6 to 107.6 ° F)
Memory remembers previous reading
Auto-off function: About 30 minutes after use or 3 minutes when not in use

How to use a Thermometer With Probe
Step 1 – Turn on the thermometer
Press the power button to activate the thermometer.

Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit on a digital thermometer
Step 2 – Choose a unit
Decide whether you want to measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Press the unit change button if necessary.

Checked using thermometer
Step 3 – Location Testing
To take readings, place the thermometer probe in the mouth or armpit.

Temperature reading
Step 4 – Take Temperature
Take your reading from the display. Repeat if necessary.

How do Digital Thermometer With Probe work?
All these sensors work by producing resistance, current or voltage in response to change in temperature. These changes are referred to as analogue output signals.

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